Massachusetts State Inspections 

State Inspections are performed once annually to keep you, your passengers and other drivers safe on the road. 

Key items checked include: 

-License plates permanently attached on the front and rear of the vehicle (front plates exempt under certain circumstances)

-Valid registration that matches current plates and vehicle identification number (VIN)

-Tire condition and tread deptch

-Light operation (headlights, turn signals, plate lights, brake lights, etc)

-Front-end safety (ball joints, wheel bearing, tie rods)

-Exhaust - abnormally loud or leaking fumes

-Seat belts

-Wiper blade condition, operation, and washer fluid sprayer operation

-Emissions system 

-Lights on dash (check engine or brake light)


-Brake operation 

Some inspection points can be checked by you before coming into the station. This will save you time and aggravation as opposed to if they are found during the inspection. Once initiated, the inspection cannot be canceled if a problem is found. 

Rules and regulations for the inspection program do change from time to time. Although someone may have passed your vehicle last year, things can change and that does not necessarily mean we can pass it again. 

In order to perform an inspection, please make sure that your vehicle's registration is current and matches your current license plate.

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